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Bio-Electronics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Nebraska Hospital Association (NHA) since 1976, providing medical equipment service to hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities across Nebraska, Wyoming, Kansas, Colorado, South Dakota, and Iowa. Our staff of highly qualified technicians provide service to nearly 300 health care facilities each year. Bio-Electronics is governed by a Board of Directors comprised hospital administrators who utilize our services. Areas of expertise include general biomed, respiratory, radiology and laboratory. In addition, we offer industry leading surgical instrument sharpening and repair service as well as rigid and flexible scope repair.

CHA Shared Services is an insurance brokerage and consulting firm as well as a subsidiary of the Colorado Hospital Association. At CHA Shared Services, we support health care facilities by providing a broad array of strategic services in the areas of health and welfare, retirement and executive benefits, workers’ compensation and general human resources management. Our services help clients increase their efficiency by saving them time, money and other valuable resources.

CollectionCenter, Inc. is the premier collection agency in the Rocky Mountain region with nearly 100 years of experience in the industry and a team of dedicated and experienced professionals. Our commitment to respecting consumers rights and dignity while providing high recovery rates for our clients is critical to our performance in the industry. Utilizing a systematic approach to delivery, we pride ourselves on training, service, compliance and quality of work.


The Healthcare industry continues to be the top target for cybercrime in the US, with IT teams facing a huge range of security challenges from ransomware & advanced persistent threats (APTs), fragmented and unpatched legacy endpoints, ineffective risk prioritization and compliance gaps, and theft by malicious insiders or intruders. The ColorTokens Spectrum Platform helps healthcare organizations to see and prevent security violations across workloads, applications, users, and endpoints, via real-time visibility and Zero Trust-based micro-segmentation capabilities. The solution is cloud-delivered for maximum scale and helps protect critical data such as ePHI, PII, and EHR. ColorTokens takes a vendor-agnostic approach to protect distributed legacy endpoints and reduce the risk of internal or external data breaches and ransomware attacks.

For more information, please visit https://colortokens.com/industry/healthcare-cybersecurity

Our credentials verification service gathers current and accurate primary source verifications quickly and efficiently. We ship thousands of files each month to customers in numerous states. Average turnaround times for Joint Commission and NCQA files beat industry standards. Our service is endorsed by the New Mexico Medical Society, and the Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri and Wyoming Hospital Associations.

Our provider enrollment service gathers information and required documents from your practitioners to submit accurate and complete applications to meet each health plan’s unique requirements. Here’s a short video describing how we can help! Our service is endorsed by the New Mexico Medical Society, and the Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri and Wyoming Hospital Associations

As we all know, sudden medical emergencies can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. If the unexpected happens to you or a family member, are you prepared to cover the costs that typical medical insurance does not pay? Most people assume that their health insurance will cover the cost of ground and air ambulance services. This is a myth! Unfortunately, most people are shocked to receive exorbitant medical bills after-the-fact. What awaits them are bureaucratic nightmares to get their bills paid. Even worse, family members are often left to handle the financial liabilities of their loved ones by themselves because they don’t know where or how to get help.

Introducing MASA Medical Transport Solutions (MASA MTS). We are a company that provides you HELP with medical transport arrangements and our membership eliminates the high medical transportation costs that most insurance policies do not cover 100%. Membership Benefits cover you at home and when traveling for work or pleasure.

Medical Solutions is an industry-leading workforce solutions provider which streamlines clinical and non-clinical healthcare staffing through fully customized programs. Nationwide, Medical Solutions has helped healthcare facilities gain whole-house efficiency, control labor costs, and enhance patient care standards by finding the right people at the right time.

Permanent Physician, Academic and Leadership Search

Merritt Hawkins is the largest permanent placement physician search and consulting company in the United States and is a company of AMN Healthcare (NYSE: AMN). Merritt Hawkins conducts more than 3,000 permanent search assignments per year for physicians, physician leaders, and advanced practice professionals.  Celebrating over 32 years of service to the healthcare industry, Merritt Hawkins is acknowledged as the industry’s leading source of permanent physician recruiting expertise. The company is widely published and provides research information that includes a variety of surveys, such as its Review of Physician and Advanced Practitioner Recruitment Incentives (referenced annually in Modern Healthcare magazine), its Survey of Final Year Medical Residents, which has been referenced in The Wall Street Journal and many other publications, and its Survey of Physician Inpatient/Outpatient Revenue.  

An industry leader for 32 years, Merritt Hawkins is the most consistently effective and service-oriented physician, physician leader and advanced practitioner search firm in the nation.


We help clients recover money from the Government as well as educate employees on how to recover monies from the Government, increasing client profitability while enhancing employee satisfaction and stabilizing turnover.

Paymerang provides streamlined invoice and payment automation solutions that bring Accounts Payable (AP) departments into the modern age. Paymerang’s solutions save AP departments hundreds of hours annually, enhance visibility, increase accuracy, improve efficiency, and earn rebates while reducing paper, fraud risks, and operating costs

Next-gen workforce optimization that focuses on department level output volumes using internally validated benchmarks to improve department level productivity without workforce reduction

Gather Data – Assess Findings – Project Execution

Spacelabs Healthcare designs and manufactures acute care patient monitoring, diagnostic cardiology, and clinical networking solutions for use in hospitals, medical clinics, and physician offices. We provide patient monitoring solutions for critical, sub‑acute, and perioperative care areas of the hospital, providing caregivers with timely patient information. Our diagnostic cardiology systems include Holter recorders and analyzers, ambulatory blood pressure monitors, electrocardiography (ECG) devices, stress event data management systems and related software and services.  Spacelabs Healthcare is a subsidiary of OSI Systems, Inc.

SUNRx helps Wyoming health care safety net organizations to manage discount drug programs, save money, expand access and generate the resources necessary to serve the nation’s uninsured.

As a rural healthcare partner and ally, Unidine is dedicated to supporting WHA’s vision to “advance the operations of our membership and improve the health status of communities throughout Wyoming.”

For over 15 years, Unidine has created a unique healthcare dietary experience that blends superior service with nourishing, fresh food. Unidine’s fresh food pledge is how we elevate your system’s dedication to whole body wellness. Each team member commits to serving your patients, providers and staff the freshest food in hand-crafted recipes.  Coupling this with bedside technology and specialized menuing ensures that your dietary service line runs smoothly and efficiently.

Backed by the power of Compass Group, your team now has access to decades of industry experience and procurement resources that enable you to stay ahead of the continuously evolving challenges facing the healthcare industry. Some areas of focus and expertise include:  workforce stability, supply chain certainty, capital availability and budgetary improvement.

Learn more from Unidine Senior Director of Business Development, Chad Cantwell by visiting his landing page at:  https://info.unidine.com/wha

Well-Advised provides Medicare patients with free, non-biased education and online tools so that they can optimally manage their healthcare and costs. 94% of consumers are enrolled in a suboptimal plan, resulting in overpayment or under-coverage. As a result, many patients avoid needed care, delay appointments and don’t fill prescriptions, leading to anxiety and poor health.

By partnering with Well-Advised, patients can improve enrollment accuracy to assure optimum clinical coverage while matching their financial abilities. Patients simply answer questions about what’s most important to them, and the service recommends optimal plans, facilitates enrollment and assists with accessing the care and services they need to manage their health. Well-Advised continually tracks changes in plans, providers, hospitals, drugs and treatments, and alerts users when better plan options become available. By advocating for appropriate patient access, a hospital reduces bad debt and improves patient satisfaction.

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Yellowstone Insurance Exchange, RRG, is a member owned professional and general liability insurance Risk Retention Group, managed by our member hospitals to serve their liability insurance and risk management needs.  The groups primary objective is to ensure the availability of liability insurance and to maintain premium stability over the long-term.